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Life Insurance Investments rethought.

Who are we?

We are a group of independent agile units and partners without the rigid structures and long decision-making paths of a corporate group.

We love all kinds of insurance and focus on market niches and regions where we see opportunities for success with our skills and experience. Our goal is to build a platform for entrepreneurial teams to implement their innovative ideas. We see ourselves as company developers, as “enablers” who take up and further develop new ideas and are therefore also open to further acquisitions. We are growing fast – organically and through acquisitions.

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Our guiding principles

Fairness, precision and reliability are attributes that are associated worldwide with our country of origin – Switzerland. In the constantly and dynamically changing environment in which we operate, these brand attributes capturing the essence of "Swissness" are important constants for us and at the same time provide the necessary orientation. Only those who know where they come from know where they are going. In this respect, these guiding principles provide us with guidance and support to enable us to make decisions even in an environment that we cannot fully predict.


With these values, which we have adopted as the benchmark for our business, we pursue a standard of quality and commitment that does justice to our Swiss origins.

Corporate Governance

Good governance facilitates the high quality of our activities, fosters transparency to shareholders, policyholders and employees, as well to partners of Swiss InsurEvolution Partners and ensures sustainability.  We therefore attach the highest priority to the resulting requirements for the management and organisation of our companies.

The rules of good governance cover all areas of the Swiss InsurEvolution Partners Group. They address issues of corporate management and corporate control, but also risk management, compliance, cyber security, internal and external auditing, the internal control system, the product development monitoring process and transparency towards our clients and partners. The basis of our corporate governance comprises clearly defined structures and processes that follow equally clear legal, regulatory and internal rules.

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