About us

We are not talking about dreams,
we are making them happen.

SWISS INSUREVOLUTION PARTNERS is an insurance group founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the insurance business and an impressive track record. However, our goals are not in the past, but in the future. We want to use our experience, expertise and innovative technical solutions to make “insurance” more tangible and transparent for our customers, and thus more valuable and sustainable.

Big enough to be able to act.
But small enough to be agile.

Our goal is not size, but progress.
All our acquisitions or start-ups are of a partnership nature and pursue the goal of achieving better results for all parties involved with agility and inventiveness. In doing so, we rely on a solid foundation: 85% of Swiss InsurEvolution Partners is owned by Zurich, Switzerland-based Mutschler Holding AG. 15% is held by Hannover Re SE, the third largest reinsurance company in the world. This ownership structure guarantees the greatest possible independence combined with the highest possible solidity.

Our team

We are not a TEAM because we work together, we are a TEAM because we respect, trust and care for each other.

Martin VOGL

President of the Board of Directors & CEO
Within our management team I am the designer of the INSUREVOLUTION network. My passion is to drive the development of the network and inspire our teams to create and realise their business dreams. During that journey I strongly learned to believe in the curiosity and development of our people. There is nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come.


CEO Run-off Platform and Actuary of the whole Group
In our agile leadership team I´m the one who makes sure extremes are no longer contradictions, but come together: brain and passion, numbers and empathy, innovation and structure. As an enabler I ascertain that the roughness of disruption turns into smooth processes for us and our clients. Let´s go for it!


Chief Finance Officer for the whole Group
Driving our profitable growth from a financial perspective is my focus. I have been striving to drive our business development on the M&A side and to add value to our organic growth. “Outperform yesterday” is what I aim for: It is not only about improving day by day with a view to INSUREVOLUTION’s pure financials. It is to an even higher extent about making progress and developing as an organisation.


Chief Development Officer of the whole Group
My role in the company is to coordinate or directly run strategic projects and initiatives within the whole group in different areas, such as business development, people development and company culture, communication, etc. Regardless of the topic, whatever I do, I do with all my heart and passion. I believe in relationships, in cooperation, in people.

Vlastimil SMIHULA

Chief IT Officer of the whole Group
Information and knowledge create opportunities for survival, where the principle is to adapt to the conditions in which we find ourselves today and will be tomorrow. I am the one who strikes the bells of creative destruction, calling for innovation, breaking down stereotypes and recognising new challenges. The best way to predict the future is to create one.