InsurEvolution invests in partnership.

We want to ensure commercial viability not only for ourselves, but also for our clients – all the while actively promoting innovation. This is at the very heart of what we do, and it is also reflected throughout our investments and company foundations.


Our priority is long-term partnership and development rather than short-term profit. We are convinced that this kind of strategy geared toward sustainable growth will benefit all parties involved more over the long term. New ideas need time to gain acceptance. We have this time.



Acquire and Improve. Or Do It Better Right from the Start.

Part of our business is based on the acquisition of portfolios and insurance companies that we believe we can run more effectively thanks to our expertise. This is particularly true of the run-off business and life insurance business. Yet we also want to facilitate new ideas and concepts. Our YOUPLUS pilot project in Eastern Europe forms part of this approach. It is the first dynamic life insurance to transform the advantages of digitalization into a genuine benefit for end clients.

Our guiding principles

Swiss values provide the required direction for InsurEvolution in a dynamic environment where the only constant appears to be change. These values are our guiding principles for decision-making in an environment that we are unable to predict in its entirety.

We pursue a quality standard that lives up to our Swiss origins through these values that we adopt as our own.


Good corporate governance is in the interest of shareholders, policy holders and the staff members of Swiss InsurEvolution Partners Holding (CH) AG. We thus attribute great importance to the resulting requirements for management and organisation of Swiss InsurEvolution Partners Holding (CH) AG and its portfolio companies.

The rules of good corporate governance include all areas of Swiss InsurEvolution Partners Holding (CH) AG. These rules address questions relating to management, corporate control and transparency. Basis of our corporate governance are clearly defined structures and processes that follow clear legal, regulatory and internal rules.

Standardised Control System

Our internal control system is based on the internationally recognised COSO standard. All stakeholders can rest assured that the Group as well as the portfolio and service companies will be managed responsibly and with a focus on sustainable value creation.

Besides, efficient practices within the management board and supervisory board, good collaboration between these bodies, with the company’s employees and open and transparent corporate communication are very important.

Effective Compliance Management System

With an effective compliance management system, the Swiss InsurEvolution Partners Holding (CH) AG ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and internal rules of the company. Thus, the interests of various stakeholders are respected and risks for the company are avoided. The compliance with legal rules and regulations is a natural obligation. In addition, a number of internal guidelines and regulations set the framework for compliant and ethical behavior.

The measures and mechanisms implemented by the Swiss InsurEvolution Partners Holding (CH) AG to ensure good Corporate Governance have proven their value in practice. Nevertheless, specific adjustments are being continuously assessed in order to amend and further improve management and control instruments as well as disclosure according to current circumstances.


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