D’4U’ (FOR YOU) life insurance is the name of a new pure risk insurance provided by YOUPLUS, which can be contracted starting 24 June. Based on the Best Partner Concept, YOUPLUS will offer its clients and partners the best insurance on the market in combination with the most up-to-date technologies. YOUPLUS wants to appeal to its clients with an revolutionary and novel approach represented by this product, its comprehensiveness, its attractive price, and the simplicity of executing its contract. Great flexibility, transparent insurance terms, emphasis on individual assessment of client risk profiles, and zero paperwork needed to execute the contract all go without saying. Intermediaries can enjoy effective online contract management via the webbased ‘uPortal’. YOUPLUS will be the first on the market to assure full-value online risk assessment, or e-underwriting.

‘The whole YOUPLUS project is based on the vision we call the “Best Partner Concept”. This concept embodies our ambition to introduce a product to the life insurance market that will make us a responsible and reliable partner for our clients, business partners, employees, and shareholders. YOUPLUS has been built from scratch, without any burdens of the past limiting us or creating barriers for our ambitions. On the other hand, we have used long-term experience to define the orientation of our business, and that is why we are able to offer our clients solutions without compromises,’ says Ľubor Vrlák, Chief Executive Officer CZ/SK.

YOUPLUS will enter the Czech insurance market with its flagship – pure risk life insurance, a solution without any need for investment. The comprehensive and flexible ‘4U’ product will satisfy the needs of every client thanks to the ability to choose more than 40 additional insurance types and the option to insure up to 10 persons with a single contract. The main purpose is to protect our clients against medium- and long-term income loss due to serious illness or injury. The product will, however, also cover consequences of less-serious incidents.

‘The main advantages of YOUPLUS include the flexibility of the insurance, transparent insurance terms, no paperwork and fully digital contract execution, online contract management via the internet-based uPortal, and online risk assessment, known as eunderwriting. Thanks to that, the time required for contract execution or amendment will be reduced from the now-common several days to a couple of seconds,’ explains David Poes, Chief Life and Investment Officer.

Selected Advantages of ‘4U’ Life Insurance:

  • transparent, comprehensible, and client-oriented insurance terms, for example involving the irredeemable risk approach by the insurance company to coverage of serious life situations (disability, death, and serious diseases)
  • initial health examination on the insurance contract execution only considers cured diseases and injuries from the 5 previous years (or 10 years in the case of surgeries and hospitalisations), individual approach to risks following from occupations and sports – YOUPLUS does not employ risk groups
  • accurate and transparent evaluation based on a health questionnaire – nothing mentioned in the questionnaire and not excluded from insurance can become a barrier to insurance coverage
  • the result of the client profile assessment is valid throughout the contract’s entire existence, and, like the insurance price, the client is not liable to notify the insurer of any risk increase such as the reason for a change in occupation
  • the standard price of the insurance also includes coverage of individual risks during sporting and experience activities and risks of regularly practised standard sports
  • a broad range of additional insurances on offer with linear or annuity-type decrease of the sum insured

Advantages of Coverage of Selected Risk Types by ‘4U’ Life Insurance:


  • possible payout of 50% of the sum insured at the terminal stage of a disease


  • coverage of all causes of disability, including psychological disorders, including 1st stage of disability
  • waiting time in the case of disease only 60 days from the start of insurance
  • compensation from insurance is not conditioned by disability pension grant

Permanent consequences of injury:

  • unique onset of progression from 5% bodily damage on up provides the advantage of
  • coverage of the most common permanent consequences
  • options of progression: 850% or 1000%

Absence from work due to illness:

  • a broad range of guard periods, including retroactive coverage from the first day
  • maximum coverage up to 730 days
  • no exceptions for mobility apparatuses

Credit packages:

  • combinations of big risks for loan insurance for discounted rates
  • optional annuity decrease by tenths of percent
  • pair insurance

The distribution strategy of the insurance company is based on the B2B concept. ‘Our objective is to offer high-standard products with an individual approach to every client. That is the only way to become aware of and able to analyse client needs. This principle is best applied by external distributors with whom we will cooperate when selling our solution. Our distributors will be the largest and most strongly quality-oriented players on the market,’ explains Filip Bartoš, Chief Distribution and Marketing Officer.


YOUPLUS is a brand of the Liechtenstein-based life insurance company Aspecta Assurance International AG, a member of SwissInsurEvolution holding. By the end of 2019, the insurance company in Liechtenstein will also be renamed to YOUPLUS. ASPECTA Assurance International AG is an independent life insurance company with registered offices in Triesen, the largest municipal unit of Liechtenstein. Now the company is mainly focusing on the economical and sustainable management of its life insurance portfolio, which has expanded greatly in recent years. The company itself can boast of healthy growth, which is expected to accelerate in the future. YOUPLUS is not only a direct insurance provider, but also a whole network of partners. Thanks to their unique Best Partner Concept, YOUPLUS and their partners together create a very unique environment that serves as a good substrate for innovations and novel ideas of how to provide the best product configuration to every customer.

Veronika Šmítková, Media Spokesperson of YOUPLUS CZ/SK
+420 601 545 736, veronika.smitkova@youplus.cz

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