T minus zero. Youplus proudly launched this month in the heart of Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic. A new paperless and fully digitized life insurance company. We can finally create value by offering an evolutionary solution to life insurance that is built on our core values from the ground up. Through the Best Partner Concept we are able to offer the very best that can be found in the life insurance market, both from a product perspective and an administrative perspective.

We have come a long way. It all started with a vision. An idea so idealistic, that many had a hard time believing in its feasibility. An insurance operating entirely paperless? Digital signatures concluding lifelong contracts? In an industry relying on tradition and consistency, where customers trust in the delivery of constant quality, it is difficult to reach acceptance for change. On the other hand, the rest of the world did not stop. Technological innovations have opened doors nobody knew existed. The challenge our vision faced, laid in the compatibility of traditional values within our own ranks with newly developed state-of-the-art technology. Naturally, the greatest challenges attract the greatest minds. Little by little, the passion grew, and partners teamed up to bring our vision to life. At the end of a long road and after two years of combined efforts, we are finally here.

Our launch in the Czech Republic represents another important milestone for Youplus on its initial mission to reshape the insurance sector. But this is only the beginning, as we are proud to soon enter the Slovak market as well. Our aim is to innovate and create opportunities for entrepreneurs all around the globe through our DNA in all different sectors. What are you waiting for? Let’s change the world together.

For more information can be found on the website: www.youplus.cz.

Article published on 17th July 2019 in St. Gallen Business Review


YOUPLUS is a brand of the Liechtenstein-based life insurance company Aspecta Assurance International AG, a member of SwissInsurEvolution holding. By the end of 2019, the insurance company in Liechtenstein will also be renamed to YOUPLUS. ASPECTA Assurance International AG is an independent life insurance company with registered offices in Triesen, the largest municipal unit of Liechtenstein. Now the company is mainly focusing on the economical and sustainable management of its life insurance portfolio, which has expanded greatly in recent years. The company itself can boast of healthy growth, which is expected to accelerate in the future. YOUPLUS is not only a direct insurance provider, but also a whole network of partners. Thanks to their unique Best Partner Concept, YOUPLUS and their partners together create a very unique environment that serves as a good substrate for innovations and novel ideas of how to provide the best product configuration to every customer.

Veronika Šmítková, Media Spokesperson of YOUPLUS CZ/SK
+420 601 545 736, veronika.smitkova@youplus.cz