We Are Changing the World of Insurance with Our Swissness, Ideas, and Independence

Swiss InsurEvolution Partners is an insurance group founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the insurance business and who have a long history of success. Yet the goals are not in the past but in the future. With our knowledge and expertise, we want to make insurance companies more valuable and sustainable to clients thanks to innovative ideas.

Big Enough to Act. Small Enough to Be Agile.

Our goal is progress, not size. All of our acquisitions or company formations are based on partnerships and pursue the goal of achieving better results for all concerned through agility and creativity. We rely on our solid foundation for this. Swiss-based Mutschler Holding AG owns 85% of InsureEvolution. The Hannover Re Group owns 15%. This ownership structure guarantees the maximum independence possible and, at the same time, the maximum possible security. The perfect combination for success through agile concepts that can be implemented quickly in an environment controlled by large, rigid insurance corporations.




On a Path toward Innovation since 2012

We have continuously invested in companies since 2012 in our efforts to drive innovation in the financial and insurance sectors.






  • Martin Vogl Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Martin is an international manager, CEO and member of various boards of directors. As the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swiss Insurevolution Partners Holding (CH) AG, Skandia Leben AG (Schweiz) and YOUPLUS Insurance International AG, he is responsible for operational and strategic Development of life insurance activities. This includes the run-off business in Switzerland and the Principality Liechtenstein and new business activities in Eastern Europe and Germany.

  • Stephan Moltzen CEO PPLI
  • Stephan Moltzen (52), joined Youplus Assurance AG in December 2019 signing responsible for the Private Pension Life Insurance Business (“PPLI”). During his professional career, Stephan has gained broad experience in the financial industry by holding several managerial positions (a.o. at Deutsche Bank, Talanx/HDI, Skandia and Rabobank).

  • Dr. Claus Mischler CEO Run-off Plattform und Aktuar der ganzen Gruppe, Vorstand der myLife Lebensversicherung AG
  • Als promovierter Physiker und Aktuar begann Dr. Claus Mischler seinen beruflichen Werdegang in der Versicherungsbranche 2002 bei der Gerling Lebensversicherung AG. In den darauf folgenden Jahren war er in unterschiedlichen leitenden Funktionen tätig und verantwortete u.a. die Bereiche Produktentwicklung, Produktmanagement, Aktuariat, Marketing, Kommunikation und die Systementwicklung – so beispielsweise ab 2016 als Generalbevollmächtigter bei der Gothaer Lebensversicherung AG.

  • Jens Arndt CEO der myLife und Vorstandsvorsitzender der myLife Lebensversicherung AG
  • Jens Arndt begann seinen Einstieg in die Finanzbranche mit einem Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre mit den Schwerpunkten in der Versicherungswirtschaft und Unternehmensrechnung an der Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen. Anschließend übernahm er verschiedene leitende Funktionen bei Lebensversicherungs- und Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen, u.a. bei MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG, der Deutschen Bank AG, der Postbank AG sowie innerhalb der ZURICH Gruppe Deutschland. Zuletzt verantwortete er dort die vertriebswegeübergreifende Konzeption der Lebens- und Sachversicherung. Seit November 2019 ist Jens Arndt Vorstandsvorsitzender der myLife Lebensversicherung AG.

  • Holger Kreuzkamp Member of the Board of Directors of myLife Lebensversicherung AG
  • After studying for his law degree, Holger spent a few years working in an expert and forensic capacity as a lawyer in private insurance law (lawyer specializing in insurance law). He then took on various roles at life insurance and financial services companies. Holger has been a member of the Board of Directors at myLife Lebensversicherung AG since January 2013.

  • Maria Amstad Head of Sales Youplus Assurance AG
  • Maria started her carreer in the financial services industry 26 years ago with a US-registered insurance broker. In the year 2000 Maria co-founded NMG (today 1291 Group) a leading international insurance broker and co-built successfully the business as Managing Partner. After four years with Valorlife she is today in charge of managing and expanding the sales network for Youplus Assurance AG.

  • Peter Ellrott Chief Representative at myLife Lebensversicherung AG
  • Peter is a computer scientist and experienced actuary who has held various senior positions in life insurance and financial services companies for more than two decades. In addition to actuarial activities, especially in product development, he managed the development of IT systems and their operation. He is the Apointed Actuary at myLife Lebensversicherung AG and, since 2013, the Chief Representative.

  • Kai Brettschneider Head of Marketing & PR myLife Lebensversicherung AG
  • Kai is a banker, insurance specialist and project manager. As part of senior roles in marketing, sales and business development, he worked for various financial services companies, including in Hamburg and Munich. He has been a member of the myLife Lebensversicherung AG team since 2012. Here he is managing director of the Group’s existing sales service company and, since 2016, Head of Marketing & PR.

  • Melanie Bergmann Head of Finance, Controlling and Risk Management myLife Lebensversicherung AG
  • Melanie is a business mathematician and actuary with many years of experience in the life insurance industry. She has been working for myLife since 2001 and has been heading the finance department since 2009. She is responsible for the annual financial statements, controlling and financial planning of all companies within the myLife Group. Furthermore, Melanie is responsible for Solvency II, risk management and money laundering.

  • Thomas Bahc CEO new business D A CH Skandia Leben AG (Switzerland) *, CEO new business D A CH YOUPLUS Assurance AG **
  • Thomas has proven business and IT expertise with more than 30 years of professional experience in the financial industry in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. In the last 10 years, he was responsible for sales, multichannel management, the product area and IT, among other things, on the Executive Board of Swiss Life Switzerland. He has worked long-term for well-known companies such as Helvetia and in Germany for Volksfürsorge and Victoria Versicherungen.

    * Subject to the approval of the FINMA Financial Market Authority
    ** Subject to the approval of the Financial Market Authority FMA


YOUPLUS Insurance International AG

Aspecta was acquired in 2012 as the first company of the run off platform. Aspecta went into run-off in 2010 and is ever since focused on the efficient and customer-oriented administration of the policy-holder portfolio acquired since its foundation in 2000. Aspecta is a purebred provider of unit-linked life insurance policies with additional covers for incapacity of work. As per 31 December 2018, Aspecta administrated 25’000 life insurance contracts with assets under management totalling CHF 465m. In 2015, UNIQA Lebensversicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft Liechtenstein was merged with Aspecta and attributed about 1’500 policies and assets under management of ca. CHF 150m to Aspecta’s policy-holder portfolio.

myLife Lebensversicherung AG

myLife Lebensversicherung AG is the only life insurance company in Germany to exclusively offer real net tariffs, i.e. tariffs with no commissions or sales acquisitions costs factored in. This way, myLife acts as a genuine pioneer on the path toward modern and transparent advice on insurance and pension provision. The product portfolio covers the entire life insurance line of business.

Youplus Assurance AG

Youplus Assurance AG offers sophisticated Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) products that combine financial performance with asset protection.

Skandia Leben AG, Schweiz

Skandia was acquired in 2015 as the first Swiss company of the run off platform. Skandia was closed to new business 2010 and since that time has concentrated on the efficient and customer-oriented administration of its policyholder portfolio. Skandia started its business in 1990 and was the very pioneer of unit-linked life insurance business in Switzerland. As Aspecta, Skandia is a purebred provider of unit-linked life insurance policies with additional covers for incapacity of work. As per 31 December 2018, Skandia administrated 27’000 life insurance contracts with assets under management totalling more than CHF 1bn. In 2016, UBS Life AG, Zürich, was merged with Skandia and attributed about 1’000 policies and assets under management of ca. CHF 225m to Aspecta’s policyholder portfolio.


Youplus, a brand by Swiss InsurEvolution Partners, is not your classic insurance provider but a network of partners. Through its unique Best Partner Concept, Youplus creates a space in which innovation takes place, striving to offer a superior product configuration to the customer.


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